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The one and only Andrew Marshall is back October 21, 2008

Posted by Daniel Martin in General.
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Andrew Marshall studied Dramatic Art at the Ensemble Acting Studios in Sydney, Australia. He also studied Ecole Philippe Gaulier in London and with Theatre du Soleil in Paris. He has over fifteen years professional experience in theatre working as an actor, teacher, writer, director, producer and stand up comedian in various productions in Australia and this year starred in “Nuts Coconuts” by Catalan theatre company La Cubana, directed by Jordi Milan for the Edinburgh International Festival.


For the third straight year and by popular demand Andrew Marshall will be performing in our school on October 27th. He has two new shows this year that I am sure will take Astorga by storm. For those of you who have seen him perform before, I already know you won’t be missing his shows. If you are new to the “Andrew Marshall experience”, welcome on board! The first show is Quiz famous with “Smiling” Guy Partridge starting at 18:15 hours. The second show is Titanic: The Stage Play, starting at 20:00 hours. And here is some information on both shows:

Quiz famous with “Smiling” Guy Partridge

The lucky audience members who have had the honour of being selected as contestants by “Smiling” Guy himself, will then be divided into two teams and with the help of their fellow audience members will compete against each other to answer a series of questions from three main categories. 1. Famous theme songs from famous movies. 2. Famous songs from famous singers. 3. Famous quotes from famous people. The winning team will then be given the chance to win the holiday of a lifetime! An all expenses paid five star destination of their choice anywhere in the world(*).

Quiz famous! is the name of the game with your host with the most, “Smiling” Guy Partridge! And the aim of the game is to have everyone jumping out of their skin ready to play. Quiz famous! is for the enjoyment of students from levels elementary to intermediate.

(* ) Or a consolation prize worth considerably less.

                         “Smiling” Guy Partridge

Titanic: The Stage Play

For the first time ever, Titanic comes to you as an innovative and inspirational work of theatre! There’s only one problem. Creator and director Micheal Starlight has been abandoned by his actors just moments before the play is supposed to commence. With the audience growing impatient Micheal is left to explain his awkward position but being the true professional he is decides that “the show must go on” regardless. Not before sharing with the audience some rather colourful and shocking insights into the many character flaws of his fleeing actors, Micheal then attempts to act out the entire play single handedly, pausing occasionally to enlighten us with some bizarre and often hilarious moments that occurred during rehearsals and past performances.

Micheal Starlight may not reach any great artistic heights with his interpretation of Titanic but will give the audience a delightfully tantalising taste of the not so glamourous side to the world of theatre. Titanic: The Stage Play is for the enjoyment of students from levels intermediate to advanced.


1. learnenglisheoi - February 23, 2015

I’m trying to contact him but he seems to have vanished. How can I get in touch with him?

2. javier - October 22, 2008

Last year I couldn´t see him, I don´t know why, I wasn’t around or I couldn´t, I don´t remember the reason, although two years ago when he came to our school for the first time I saw his performance and it was very funny, if you are in Astorga next Monday I can recommend his performance because I´m sure that it will be very funny, I don´t know if this year I will be in Astorga again because tomorrow I will travel to Valencia and maybe next Monday I won´t be in the school, that´s a pitty!!.

Enjoy the show.

3. Aniramix - October 21, 2008

Oh, he is very funny, last year I could only watch a piece of his show, and I hope to see the whole show this year.

4. rafa - October 21, 2008

Very good piece of news!!! I’ve gone to see him every time that he played in our school and what can I say? amazing, brilliant, but above all FUNNY…. I’m looking forward to seeing him again. I want to encourage everyone to go to this show….. I’m sure you’ll like it….

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