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Intermediate English


This is the place to come to if you are in the Intermediate English class. Check the sub-pages menu on the right and click on the documents for extra language practice.


1. javier - December 6, 2007

Rafa, I think for you and for me, all weekends are like this although this is good for us because we can enjoy it with friends or family who in these days don´t work or study.
I try to enjoy this long weekend a lot with my friends because the next Christmas I will be able to enjoy many days with the family.
I wish what you will have a good time and enjoy in the concert next Saturday, for me in this weekend I won´t do anything special , I will go out with my friends, I will have dinner with them and of course if the weather is good I will ride with my motorbike too.
see you in class.
Cheers to everyone in class and enjoy the weekend, and study more or less like me.

2. rafa - December 4, 2007

Fortunately for all of us, the next will be a long weekend, so we will be able to do a lot of things, like going shopping, going out at night, perhaps a little trip…. even some will study English…. well anyway I’m going to start my long weekend tomorrow, so I’m sorry a lot but I won’t be able to go to Wednesday English class. I promise you that I’ll be a good guy, and I’m going to study English…. I’m kidding…. Well I hope you have a great weekend. See you next Monday.

3. rafa - November 19, 2007

As you know I used to play football here in Astorga, and I used to be a goalkeeper, the most difficult position in the team, well at least I think so.
In 1994 I retired because of my injuries that year. I had had an important injury in my neck so I decided to give up football, but the story that I want to tell you begins two years before. The season 91-92 we have a very good team and we were playing in the eighth group of the third division, It was an unforgettable year for all of us. We had won the competition and we had to play the play-off to be promoted to the second divison B, but that year was special for me because I was the best goalkepper in the group, I was received only thriteen goals in the season, and of course I have the trophy in my house, and I’m very proud of it.

4. lllmlll - November 16, 2007

Expecting a new season!
When Fernando Alonso took the decision to join McLaren F-1 Team towards the end of 2005, nobody could think that it would be such an awful option two years later. He had won the championship that year beating Michael Schumacher with an incredible Renault (mainly for an effective start system). It was amazing because of the power that Ferrari and Schumacher had shown during several championships and Renault hadn’t searched any title for many years either. I think that presence of Fernando in this team helped to develop the engine and electronics, sharing his valuations with mechanics in a good way. This was essential to win the championship in 2006 too. Maybe it’s important not to forget that Alonso’s father is a mechanic in this way.
Everybody hopes that Fernando could obtain a new victory in 2007 racing for McLaren. They had to improve their engine and fiability with the new FIA rules, so Fernando might be a good tester before the beggining of the season. The improvements were reached, but there was another pilot that could obtain benefits from these work, Alonso’s partner rookie Lewis Hamilton. With all of this information, a good driving and an incredible support of the team and all English sponsors, he has fought until the end of the calendar. But from spain we can doubt the same treatment in decisions for both of them. Finally, Hamilton failed, Alonso still fought but an uninvited for title Raikonen could beat them in the final race. A terrific final for McLaren and an unexpected victory for Ferrari.

5. lllmlll - November 16, 2007

About eating: I don’t know whether to be hungry…
One of the most frustrating things in a foreign country could be facing up restaurant menus. When you read them you remember all those years “learning” English in your beloved Spain. You clearly need to be helped by a good guide or dictionary on meals or food, but you get peckish!. You’d like to try all the yummy dishes hidden under these strange names: cucumber cream, deer with aubergine, sausages with sauce of beetroot, raspberry pudding with blackberrie’s juice… what a madness! In this moment your hunger is increasing to starvation… as your ignorance. Indeed, both of them are fighting each other. Finally you decide a simple onion soup for starter and steak with chips as main course. Nothing about the desserts menu, a cofee is better than a headache. At the end, when you’re going to pay the bill, you discover that the waitress is from Caceres, living there with an Erasmus grant. You’re not hungry anymore, of course, but you’re leaving the restaurant with a double frustration: the steak was yucky and the waitress beautiful. Hey guy, improve your English!

P.D. I’m Miguel A. from the Tu-Th 8 p.m. third year class. I hope to learn to write in the correct place soon. Greetings

6. ALBITA - October 30, 2007


Basketball…I can say a lot of things about basketball….For me it isn´t only a sport, it`s a way of life, a way for not thinking anything…only basketball.

To play basketball…you´ve got to learn to play and enjoy playing, I think the second one is more important than plaing well or badly.

I started to play when I was a child because I just had a lot of problems and my brother advised me to start training.

Now I wouldn´t be able to live without basketball¡¡
I play everyday..and I try to improve and be better…

I think for children with problems, sport, any sport..can be very helpful for them.


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