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Basic English

Hello and welcome to the blog!


1. Mª José - April 18, 2011

Good Morning!
Happy hollidays Easter.
Bon voyage!
See you on Tuesday at ten o,clock.
Good bye!.

2. Mª José - March 2, 2011

Good evening Daniel!

Thank you verry much for califications.

Happy long weekend.

See you in class Thursday morning at ten o,clock
….five past ten…

Good bye.

M. J.

3. Daniel Martin - February 10, 2011

Hola María José. Para aprobar el examen hay que aprobar las cuatro partes. Se hace nota media estando las cuatro partes aprobadas. Este es un examen de prueba y no hay recuperación. El examen que cuenta en serio es el de junio.

4. Mª José - February 10, 2011

Good evening!
Respecto al examen…¿para aprobar hay que tener
las 4 partes aprobadas, o se hace la nota media?
Si se ha suspendido una parte, ¿se puede recuperar?
Un saludo.


5. CHELO - December 25, 2010


6. Jose Seco de Vega - November 11, 2010

Hello Daniel!!
how are you?
my name´s Jose,
my surname´s Seco de Vega,
how do you say it in english?
Joe Dry? ja,ja
I´m fourty two years old,
I´m from astorga (spain)and
I go to the 1º basic english class in the morning,
you´re a good teacher and I´m very happy in your class.
Good weekend, see you on tuesday.
bye, bye

7. Ali - November 10, 2010

Hello how are you? I’m here bored and I want to share with you this video. I hope they laugh at least half of what I saw I laughed. Greetings and see you in clases.Bye

Jesús - February 16, 2011


awesome!!!, well, I’m thinking…and I’m sure you can tell …”do you speak English?”, personaly yes, ofcourse I do, I do speak English every day, don’t you? ;)…

great video!!!!! but I think y’all need an Intermediate English level to get it, don’t you?, or maybe not 😛

any case great video Ali!

jveglop - February 16, 2011


It’s too good, but it has too many common mistakes for a basic level, but the pronunciation is so good 🙂 it’s pretty funny!!!!!


8. Rosa Mª Miguel Pérez - November 8, 2010

Hello, Daniel.
My name´s Rosa.
How are you?
I´m fine, thanks
See you tomorrow in class the english.
Buy, buy.

9. Santiago Castrillo Cordero - November 7, 2010

Good evening
Hello Daniel how are you
Today is sunday and now it’s nine o’clok.
I read and I repeat the numbers, because every days
See you tomorrow

10. Pily Durán - October 18, 2010

Hello Daniel!
Good evening!
I’m Pily
Nice to meet you
See you later
Bye, bye

11. Mª José - October 13, 2010

Good evening!
How are you?
I´m fine. Thank you.
Pleased to meet you.
My name is Mª José.
I´m from Spain.
See you Tuesday.Nineteen October 2010.

12. Chelo Garzón Durán - October 12, 2010

Hi Daniel!
I´m Chelo Garzón.
How are you? I´m very well.
See you in class!!

13. charin - October 12, 2010

good morning Daniel ,my name ´s charin
how are you?
I go in class the wednesday.
happy day st Pilar
bye bye

14. Daniel Martin - October 9, 2010

Hi Cecilio and Santiago. It’s nice to see you here. Have a nice weekend. See you in class. Bye!

15. Santiago Castrillo Cordero - October 9, 2010

Good afternoon. I’m Santiago
How are you Daniel?
I’n fine, today is saturday…
see you later

16. Cecilio Maestro Renedo - October 6, 2010

Hello Daniel, my name!s Cecilio
Please to meet you.
See you later

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